Install Liferay on Cloud

This post will guide you how to install Liferay on Cloud. For this I have used eApps cloud hosting which include OS templates. For Liferay installation use CentOS Control Panel.

1. Go to eApps and click on create a cloud

2. Customize you Virtual Machine.

Its better to use 1GB RAM, and 20% CPU Share for tomcat server (you can configure this any time)

3. Use 50% discount for Monthly Pre-paid with this coupon code VM1105501M

4. Select your domain name and complete the Registration and complete payment.

5. After successful registration and payment you can login to control panel.
Control panel display Virtual Machine details. After your system is on you can click on control panel link and login with root.

6. After login to your admin panel you can view Applications

7. Select JAVA SE 6 and Install after this Install Liferay Portal with Tomcat.

After Installation you can access your liferay instance at your domain on 8080 port. [link removed]

Another article Install Liferay CE on cloud [jelastic beta]

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Note: This article have affiliate links to eApps, you can always directly go to the site :(

P.S: I am theme developer, not system Admin :) but want to share this information as this will help to get started with installation liferay instance.

For any queries you can always contact to liferay community at

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2 Responses to Install Liferay on Cloud

  1. Mannu says:

    Hi Wasim,
    Is there any way to check out the liferay installation on cloud just for a trial without paying even a single dollar for it ?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Liferay Developer

  2. wasim117 says:


    You can try with Amazon Web Services Free Usage Tier [It require credit card information]

    For installation in liferay , its kind of manual not like eApps.

    CloudeBees also offer Free
    You can refer to wiki for Liferay Installation.


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